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Drilling Fluids & Workover Chemicals

BCI SIP has developed a series of additives for workover & aqueous drilling fluid to meet customers' requirements. All the additives developed can be specialize design to cater customers' needs, ranging from challenging wells such as horizontal, deepwater and high temperature-high pressure wells, to customize low cost emulsifiers and rheology modifiers for conventional wells. BCI SIP Research and Development (R&D) Center work closely with customers to customize their needs and optimize the performance of the drilling fluids. The R&D center has constantly co-develop technology with the customers, universities, and research institute to get the state-of-art technology out from the door.

Drilling Fluids & Workover Chemicals


Water Based Drilling Fluids Additives
Alkalinity Control
Caustic Soda
Caustic Soda or sodium hydroxide is use to increase the alkalinity of the aqua-based drilling fluids
Citric Acid
Citric Acid is a multi-purpose weak organic acid. It is widely used in the food, beverage, and detergent industry, and also finds some oilfield applications.
A source of Ca and OH and is used to raise the pH.
Soda Ash
Effective in precipitate calcium ions in aqueous-based workover fluids and makeup water. It is also use to increase pH and flocculate the muds
A glutaraldehyde-based anti-microbial agent
A non-oxidizing tetrakish-hydrozylmethyl phosphonium sulphate (THPS) based biocide
Corrosion Inhibitor
AdiCOR is a amine-type corrosion inhibitor that compatible with brine solution in saturated salt drilling fluids. It helps to protect the casing, and downhole tools from general
To remove and prevent foaming in all types of water based drilling and completion fluids including fluids with high salinity and hardness.
Fluid Loss Control
Carboxymethyl cellulose that comes in various viscosity.
Polyanionic cellulose that comes in various viscosity to encapsulate drill solids, helping to control dispersion.
Loss Circulation Material
Acid soluble calcium carbonate with SG range from 2.6 to 2.8.
A lost circulation material which is used to prevent seepage losses. This material can be used in oil muds and it is not deformable so hydrostatic pressures will not affect bridging effectiveness.
A highly effective, biodegradable and environmentally friendly ester based lubricant for water based drilling fluids
A perfect blending of an active bisulphate solution and inorganic. It is an Oxygen Scavenger used to arrest oxygen in sea water.
Triazine base of H2S scavenger that effectively remove H2S residue in crude and gas production.
Shale Control
A liquid dispersible, high molecular weight Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide polymer.
Triazine base of H2S scavenger that effectively remove H2S residue in crude and gas production.
A chrome free Lignosulphonate, it deflocculate, maintaining viscosity, and reducing fluid loss in aqua‐base mud systems.
A high molecular weight polysaccharide biopolymer designed specially to viscosify water based drilling, completion and workover fluids. It's soluble in all water systems.
Starch Modified Polymer
A sodium montmorillonte bentonite which meets the API specification 13A, Section 4. A high sodium-ion exchange capacity and is primarily used as a viscosifier and fluid loss reducer agents in fresh and salt water muds.
Weighting Agent
It is commonly used as the weighing agent to increase the density of all types of drilling fluids.
Wellbore Cleaning
Chemical for improving oil flowability, oil recovery, hard surface cleaning, wellbore cleaning, sludge treatment for oilfield applications. It is not sold directly to the public for general consumer uses.
Workover & Completion Fluids Additives
Clear Brine Solution
Calcium Bromide
Form clear brine work-over and completion fluids.
Calcium Chloride
Calcium Chloride is an economic source of divalent ions which restrict the hydration or smectite clays and prevent the formulation of sticky drilled cuttings.
Potassium Chloride
Potassium Chloride is an economic source of monovalent ions which restrict the hydration or smectite clays and prevent the formulation of sticky drilled cuttings.
Sodium Chloride
Drilling fluids and brine form as a completion or workover fluids
Sodium Bromide
Workover and completion chemicals.
Sodium Formate
Workover and completion chemicals.
Potassioum Formate
Potassium Formate in either powder form or customized liquid blend with specific gravity ranging from 1.0 to 1.57 SG.
Biocide / Corrosion
Inhibitor / Oxygen Scavenger
Adi®Pack 112E
Blend of corrosion inhibitor, biocide and oxygen scavenger primarily used in workover, completion and packer fluids and in water injection systems.
A Hydroxyethyl Cellulose polymer that suspended in synthetic non-aqueous fluids.